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5 Creative Ways To Incorporate Video In Your Business Website

If you think videos can only be used by film makers and bands, think again.

Having video on your Fourways business website is a powerful way to show users rather than tell them what your business is all about.


Business owners everywhere are using videos to generate leads and sales online. Even if you have the most straight-forward product or service in the world, there are still plenty of ways for you to use videos creatively on your Fourways business’ website.


Here are a few ideas:


The About Page On Your Fourways Business Website


Your About page introduces you, so why not talk directly to your Fourways business website visitors through video? This is a great way to show your unique personality, as well as put your best face forward. You can still write about about yourself and  your business so your Fourways business website visitors can choose the way they would like to view your information


The Blog Section Can Include A Vlog

Create video tutorials  on your Fourways business site. A blog is a great way to share your expertise, useful information and many other things you would like to share with your users. Vlogging (video blogging) is a fantastic way to show the exact steps of a specific task, instead of just writing guidelines.


Customer Testimonials Can Be Videos

Video testimonials are persuasive, engaging, and add credibility to your business image. Having customers review about your product or service on video helps portray credibility in a more impactful way.

Video testimonials are effective when you want  influence prospective customers to commit to working with your company by showing first hand how you met a former or current client’s needs and expectations.

Place video testimonials throughout your fourways business website on the pages and near the content they relate to, to help you appeal to the right target audience and make stronger connections.


Your Product Or Service Page Can Include A Video Demonstration

Even though more and more purchases every year are made online, there are still so many buyers who are wary of paying for something they can’t see in full detail.

Put this to rest by not only adding pictures of your products but by also adding a quick video showing your product in movement, being worn, or just to scale. Whatever your product does or is capable of, put your camera to good use by letting your potential customers see it in better detail.


Dedicate A Page To Videos


Give the page a clear heading so that the users will know what it is, like Videos or  Media.

Once you’ve done this, choose the layout you want your videos to be arranged in. If you’ve got a lot of them, it might be best to list them and keep your newest vids at the top. If you have a few videos but don’t plan on adding new ones regularly, put the one you want people to watch most up at the top.


Taking advantage of these different video contnt ideas  is an easy and affordable way to increase your Fourways business’ website leads and help improve your business reputation.


Get in touch with us to find out which video content  can be most  effective for your company’s marketing strategy.

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