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Your Business In Olivedale Needs Its Own Mobile App

Did you know that 92% of South Africa’s population owns a mobile phone? And smartphone take the majority share at 60%. In South Africa alone, 79.1 million mobile connections which means that most people have more than one sim card.

So, if you thought that mobile apps were for big corporations, well, you would be wrong. There are smaller companies taking their marketing to the next level. Here are 9 benefits of joining this club sooner rather than later.

An App Gives Your Business In Olivedale Direct Connection

The application always displays on the device desktop and the app can be opened with one easy tap. The app makes it much easier for clients to leave feedback or call you. Furthermore, negative feedback submitted with the help of an app, gives your business in Olivedale a chance to deal with client dissatisfaction before their opinion goes public.

Connect With On-The-Go Clients through mobile app

Statistics says that the average South African spends 5 hours using his/ her mobile device every day. The smartphone is one of the most personal technology tools we have. Most of us use smartphones 24/7 and many smartphone functions depend on apps.

Create A Useful Marketing Channel

An application wears many hats like: giving general information about your business in Olivedale, showing prices, providing users with booking forms, personal accounts, search features, news feeds, messengers, etc. With the help of push notifications, you have an opportunity to advance even closer to a direct cooperation by reminding customers about your special sales, new products, and services.

Increase Your Brand Recognition.

The more users engage with your application, the more likely they are to order your service. It’s called “effective frequency” in the advertising field: hearing and seeing your business brand about 20 times is what will get you noticed.

Get higher quality Connection with Clients

Whether you are providing services or products, your customers need a way to reach you without too much effort. Having a help desk or messenger in the application can change the way you communication with clients. For example, if you create the mobile app for your business in Olivedale, a restaurant to be specific, the users have a chance to book the table with minimal clicks.

A mobile app can be an excellent tool that will keep your business in Olivedale be touch with clients and be a “fingertip” away. Always and from now on, look at your phone’s potential for successful business management and effective client experience.

Convinced yet? We are, for sure Where to start? Well, you have three options:

  • You hire an app development agency, you contact us for advice on app development for your business in Olivedale or you learn more about mobile apps on our blog.

Either way you go, a mobile app is going to be a standard component of any business in Olivedale, in the future.

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