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LinkedIn Makeover-21st Century Design

LinkedIn has had the biggest refresh and redesign since its original launch back in 2003,more than 14 years ago. The new look is designed to bring the ageing social network into the 21st century and to make conversation and content a bigger part of the user experience and according to LinkedIn’s director of engineering Chris Pruett its designed to simplifying what many viewed as a clunky product experience.

What’s New

Besides the colour change, here are some of the advancements that come with new LinkedIn user interface.


The inbox is still pretty much the same. The only difference is the old user interface had inbox, and the new one has messaging and the icon’s a little bit different. When you click on the three little dots on the top right of a message, snapshot of the person’s profile pulls up. You can now mute the conversation, mark it as unread, delete the conversation or report the person.


The jobs tab is similar to the Jobs user interface they introduced a few months back. The new jobs search is pretty easy to use (although we have lost some of the advanced search features). You can still save jobs and posting a job is pretty easy. You don’t have the discover tab and preferences any-more, but it’s still really easy to search for a job with the new user interface.

LinkedIn Notifications

The notifications icon is now a bell instead of a flag, but more importantly, notifications have their own page now. It’s a lot easier to see and respond to your notifications in this new layout. Notifications still inform you of endorsements, engagement with your posts, who has viewed your profile, who has shared a new post, who has a new job, among other things.

What We’ve Lost On LinkedIn


Tagging is gone in the free account. The only two options from connections is to send a message or block the person. The only sorting options that are available right now are by recently added, first name and last name.


We’ve lost the education button, but users can find education both in learning under more.


Linked in has removed advanced search, premium search features, saved searches and the ability to sort companies by those we are connected to.

Overall the new look is supposed to provide a LinkedIn experience that’s more intuitive, faster and creates more value for users. Changes help users be more productive and stay ahead career wise.

What do you think of the new LinkedIn user interface?

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